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Subject: Re: magnetic bottle
Date: Jul 30, 9:56 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jul 30, 9:56 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Where might I find some solid codes for the simulation of electron behavior in a magnetic bottle?

This is correct and can be done and has been done. I actually show some magnetic trapping in some of the short segments on my old original fusor tape.

The whole concept of trapping particles in magnetic bottles hails back to the tokomak plasma bottling routine. Electrons would be the easiest to work with.

Making virtual electrodes was what Farnsworth's original effort was all about. Like I have said before, he spent over 5 years actually working with the electron confinement idea and his first effort was the multipactor which created electron knots! There isn't much hard data on his work in this area, as he never published.

Someone might wish to give this idea a shot. It fascinated me for a while as well as Tom Ligon.

Richard Hull