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Subject: Re: Welcome
Date: Feb 06, 09:43 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 06, 09:43 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>>This is the Philo T. Farnsworth Fusion discussion board. Please feel free to leave your message here. Thanks.
>>Have been reading on the Farnsworth reactor for
>some time now, and am very interested in
>building one. I have a decent vacuum system,10^-6mm or better.
> I have read Richard Hull's info on building a demo model, but would like more info on going
>further. Can anyone help me?
> Thanks, Bob


The demo model can go as far as you want it to provided you choose wisely in the beginning.

The difference in the demo fusor and a neutron version is the type of chamaber chosen and the increase of voltage and addition of Deuterium.

It is a snap.

I don't know waht you mean by going farther. The device will never be a net energy producer or reach breakeven or have a sustained reaction without the input of much more energy than is output. (grid losses)

I will let you do fusion (hot fusion) in a jar. It is a ion accelerator-collider.

Neutons are boiling off the system at 15-20kv with a good atmosphere of Deuterium at about 10-20 microns. The chamber can't be a simple plastic desiccator for Neutrons, but must be either glass (Pyrex/Kimax) or stainless steel.

Robert Hirsch made a sealed off fusor demonstrator doing real fusion which output 10^5 neutrons per second and used a simple dual grid system at 15 microns with deuterium/tritium mix @17kv. He demoed in on a roll around hotel cleaning cart as a complete turnkey system to the old AEC in 1967. This cart had the complete power supply system, reactor and nuclear measurement gear on it and plugged into the 120 volt outlet!

Richard Hull