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Subject: Re: more magnetic confinement ideas
Date: Aug 05, 8:35 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Aug 05, 8:35 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>Your electron confinement idea sounds nice, but what do you do with them once confined in the area of fusion?

They serve the same purpose as a grid would -- the massive potential difference btwn the electron cloud and the wall accelerates the fuel ions into the center.

>Your idea is plausable, and a heavy iron or steel outer sphere would serve as a form of armature to concentrate the fields.

That would mean putting whole thing inside that outer sphere. The vacuum vessel would have to be non-magnetic unless i put the magnets internally.

> I would use modern Nd:Fe:B magnets for max energy product. They did wonders for me in my early work with fusor demos.

I was planning to use electromagnets, b/c they are cheaper for the required strength and easier to handle. I think I need field strengths on the order of several tenths of a Tesla. Permenant magnets in that range are a bit out of my price range, I think. Magnet wire is cheaper.