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Subject: Re: Cold Fusion??!!
Date: Aug 09, 09:53 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 09, 09:53 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I am, of course, ever reserved in the matter as I noted in the original post. I know a number of researchers, past and present in this area. I have even worked with Dr. Peter Graneau on a water arc explosion system which gives anomolous energy results. Our paper has just undergone peer review and has been accepted for publication.

There are a number of interesting processes that seem to give excess energy. However, all,.... that is every single one seems to result in very low grade heat of very low carnot efficiency. The very best I have seen has been the Griggs hydrosonic pump which at best produces ultra wet steam incapable of driving turbines.

We are a water boilin' society and if you can't give us super heated, ultra dry steam, then you are not in the energy game..... At least as far as real immediate power substitutes are concerned. We will have to wait and see.

Still, as Jim Griggs notes, and as his pumps sell like crazy to Benz , NASA, and others,... "Hot water is used every day by billions as just hot water and if we can do that more efficiently, then we are ahead of the game and saving energy for other tasks....I don't have to spin any turbines....I'll just give 'em hot water on the cheap." NASA and Benz are using his devices to preheat fuel.

There is something here, but what?

Richard Hull