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Subject: Re: ITT Fusors
Date: Aug 12, 08:52 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 12, 08:52 am, Richard Hull wrote:

In my visit with the Farnsworths, I saw a fusor in a cabinet and had an opportunity to examine it. It was partially assembled, minus all guns and, in general, was not redeemable.

Gene Meeks and I studied it at length.

He was certain every fusor except his old personal Mark II prime and the Hirsch/Meeks fusor were either destroyed or robbed for parts. He noted that upon the BYU program shutting down in 1973, the Mark II prime was left there. I saw the Hirsch fusor yesterday and believe me, it only needs a 4" conflated turbo pump and voltage and it will be fusin'. Bob has never left it out of his sight all these years, and it has never moldered away in a basement.

The fusor you speak of may be the old Mark II prime which Gene personally constructed in his own small area of the lab and which served as a teaching tool at BYU 1968-73 where the department head Dr. Andrew Gardner and Gene Meeks tried to keep the dream alive. I have several photos of Gene at his station with it in the ITT period. It may have been rediscovered and placed in the Farnsworth museum in Utah.

Richard Hull