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Subject: Farnsworth and Hirsch
Date: Aug 16, 05:46 am
Poster: Hector

On Aug 16, 05:46 am, Hector wrote:

I have a historical question.
It seems like Farnsworth and Dr. Hirsch did not see eye to eye on what the form of the IEC should have been, correct?

Oh, and I had a friend check when ITT requested a License to operate with Tritium and it was approved years prior to Hirsch getting to ITT labs, so much for the theory that Hirsch was the person who started that at ITT labs.

Farnsworth had already been doing D-T testing prior to Hirsch getting to ITT labs.

Also I heard that Hirsch donated one of his devices to the University of Wisconsin many years ago and it's still there.

I think I'll ask the guy's at Wisconsin this week about the Hirsch device to make sure its there.

I don't think that there is any question that almost everything that was done at ITT is in historical dispute.
Perfect example the Mark series with the Ion guns is claimed to have been a Hirsch device, while others say it was a Frasworth idea, but the Grid system which was being researched by Farnsworth many years prior to Hirsch and this a Fact, is claimed to be a Hirsch idea.

On a technical note, has anyone used strips instead of wires for the inner grid?
Dr. Nadler talks about using them to increase heat dissipation rates.