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Subject: Deuterium
Date: Feb 09, 09:40 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 09, 09:40 am, Richard Hull wrote:


I have been asked by a number of folks about deuterium. How to get it. How much is it? Is it controlled.

The answers ae locally....$140.00/20liters.....and NO!

Deuterium gas can be purchased from your yellow pages directly from a local gas supplier. (usually special order) I got mine from a local supplier of gases here in Richmond, delivered to my door for $140.00 in a 20 liter pressurized lecture cylinder which is mine to keep. The stuff is not radioactive and therefore, not controlled ....YET!

WARNING!!! It is still just hydrogen gas and is highly explosive in air. (remember the Hindenburg?) The extra neutron doesn't mean beans in changing the gas except in renaming it. That pesky lone electron is the explosive maker.

All lines to and from the tank and its regulator should be hooked to the fusor chamber and vacuumed out prior to opening the valve on the bottle to sweep out the bulk of the oxygen molecules. A leak or reduced flow vlave is a must to allow only microscopic amounts of the gas to backfill the fusor chamber. 20 liters of gas should last a billion years!!! You only need a few microns of pressure!

It is common sense to investigate and prepare for all hazards associated with this gas, electrical hazards, vacuum implosion hazards, radiation hazards etc., rather than just stupidly hooking a bunch of stuff up and lighting it off!

You are responsible for the safety of yourself, others and property! No one else can save you but yourself. Think, study, read, learn, absorb and rethink, long before you do anything!!

Richard Hull