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Subject: Re: Fusor uses for microwaves: (going lower in f)
Date: Aug 19, 00:35 am
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Aug 19, 00:35 am, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>In fact, it would help a bunch that the chamber isn't resonant, because you could establish resonance outside and just couple the power in with a wire. 6MHz is low enough that you could easily get many kW of power, if you needed it.. but 100W would be just a matter of getting a solid state amateur radio transmitter, which also has a handy tuning knob, etc. You might have to flip some internal switches or solder some traces to get it to transmit outside the ham bands, but this information is readily available. High power tuners for getting the match right, as well as instrumentation, is readily available surplus for this frequency range.

In fact, you can readly obtain linear amplifiers in the range of several kW in this frequency range, and if you want to go even higher, they are not particularly difficult to build. Tuning is pretty trivial, as noted above, and especially as compared to microwave sources. The original writer is on to a really interesting possibility...