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Subject: Re: RF Resonance device (NMR) (Slightly off topic)
Date: Aug 19, 11:17 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 19, 11:17 am, Richard Hull wrote:


That was an incredibly insghtful and informative posting! It shows how a lot of the lists "lurkers"** Have had their wheels turning. I hope that you will keep us informed. If the dueterium fuses or just decays using your idea, it is a way of doing neutrons! The fusor is just a tool and not a be all and end all. Your system sounds intersting.

Resonance is a very important and useful concept regardless of how it is implemented and its use is recommended if the other concerns deleterious to the specific process are not also amplified while using it.

Microwaves, NMR, whatever. This is a forum for getting at energy or other nuclear processes on the cheap. This is what phil would have wanted.

Richard Hull

** (Lurkers) Folks we have never heard from, but who read this list regularly. The silent majority, if you will. They range from the casually interested or bemused to folks who really could contribute, but are too shy or feel their ideas don't merit "sticking the necks out".

Jones is no longer a lurker. He is now a guy recognized with an idea. I hope others who have ideas will come forward in their own good time.