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Subject: Re: IEC Simulation
Date: Aug 19, 7:49 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 19, 7:49 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>At the University of Illinois they use approximation programs to simulated IEC operations in PC's.
>I know that the best simulations don't even come close to what an IEC will do.
>So the question is, why are simulations so far off the mark on these device?

>Anyone have an opinion on this?

They may not be far off base for those folks, as they have a real hands-on history with the device. They know the parameters and, I am sure have fine tuned the stock theoretical model with a load of "fudge factors based on hard nosed experience.

I am sure they wouldn't let you have a copy of their model, or if they did they wouldn't supply the secret "fudgies" that real drive it to produce good results.

What I was saying was that the average computer dweeb, even with a handle on plasma physics, if starting from scratch and having never really experienced operation of a fusor would produce a really klunky model which would not track reality good enough for engineering.

Richard Hull