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Subject: Re: Welcome
Date: Jan 02, 10:42 pm
Poster: Bert Pool

On Jan 02, 10:42 pm, Bert Pool wrote:

>This is the Philo T. Farnsworth Fusion discussion board. Please feel free to leave your message here. Thanks.

I'd like to thank the Perfesser for the excellent work he has done on creating and maintaining the Farnsworth Chronicles. I look forward to future discussions of Farnsworth's work with others who share an interest in redeveloping this technology. The coal, oil, and gas are not going to last forever, and I'd like for my grandchild to be able to breathe air at least as clean as what I have had during my life here. It is not in the interest of the government or the energy industries to develope cheap, clean energy - keeping the status quo going serves their pocket books just fine. It will be up to a group of techno-nerds to do it.