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Subject: Demo fusor
Date: Feb 09, 10:11 pm
Poster: Robert Machler

On Feb 09, 10:11 pm, Robert Machler wrote:

Richard Hull:
Ok on the neutron count, think I will go with
your second methoed of UHMW since I have access
to it at work.
Also have numerous PMT's and coatings.
Deuterium gas seems to be not a real problem, but
may have to work a little overtime to pay for it,
(heaven forbid)!!!
On the inner grid, think I will go with .045
wire TIG welded and the outer grid 1/16 wire
sound cool????
You keep scaring me on the deuterium gas. If
it hits oxygen even at 10^-4mm it ain't going
to explode is it?? Had a bad experience with
silane gas that was so recative it would combust
upon expousture to air!!!
Hate to keep bugging you Richard, but you seem
to know what you are doing!
Hope to have this thing up and running within
the next month or so.
Thanks again Bob.