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Subject: Re: Fusor uses for microwaves:
Date: Aug 20, 2:37 pm
Poster: Mark Sloan

On Aug 20, 2:37 pm, Mark Sloan wrote:

> Why such low energies? You get real boosts in the size of the fusion region and the number of events by driving the energies much higher. If you carefully phase match several antennae, you could prolly crank peak voltages into the 100s of kV. Without the problems of HV DC...


I am cheerful for higher ion energies than 20Kev if there is a way to get them. Velocity and size of the plasmoid at a frequency should increase as the square root of the energy.

It will take me a while to figure out what voltage the antennas could be driven to and second what energy levels the ions could be pumped to.