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Subject: Core Geometry?
Date: Aug 21, 03:16 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Aug 21, 03:16 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

I'm curious about a fusors core geometry. I've read a bit about multiple concentric potential zones.

Will each shell have its own resonant frequency?

Are the 'orbits' of charges (electrons & ions) spherical, or are electromagnetic effects making them complex spirals?

Electrons & protons have magnetic moments. And if they attain relativistic velocities, they do strange things. SR says electric charges become magnetic monopoles and magnetic dipoles become electric dipoles, relative to stationary EM modes. If you do a google search on 'vircator' and 'gyratron' tubes, you find the beams are unstable and will oscillate at microwave frequencies.

I've also read about high energy magnetized plasmas forming crystal-lattice like structures due to these effects.

My point is, if a fusor is started with a high energy bang, the cold plasma that can be sustained may be very different than the maxwellian or thermal plasma formed by slowely heating the fusor up. And if an unstable plasma lattice structure is present, by creating a fusor environment that doesn't radiate the modes away (a resonant cavity) may mean much higher energies are possible.

Maybe Farnsworth was honest about achieving over unity! Some strange ball lightning like plasma condition was ignited in the core of his fusor. I mention ball lightning as it is a mysterious plasmoid phenomena with unbelievably long persistance (energy storage) that no one believes in but the faithfull and those who have seen it.