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Subject: Re: Core Geometry?
Date: Aug 21, 07:49 am
Poster: Hector

On Aug 21, 07:49 am, Hector wrote:

I understand your concerns. Fusion Plasmas are very complex and as much research that has been done, there is still more questions than answers on plasma physics.
The IEC is a mystery especially as you go higher in power, the method of operation of the ITT period devices had significant differences that might have let them perform better as power levels increased. How that could be possible I don't know, but published data by ITT labs points to that phenomenon and I'm not the only person that believes that.

At Los Alamos National labs evidences showed the creation of multiple wells.
This is significant because Miley and Bussard have only claimed that their IEC's based on the Hirsch devices create only a single double potential well, its in the literature, hell its in the University of Illinois Fusion Studies Lab web page.

The Los Alamos data did not show that the wells were very deep but if confirmed it would lend credibility to what Farnsworth was claiming about his devices.
Today's examples of IEC's are different and less sophisticated than the devices that Farnsworth was making and this is not just my opinion, researchers at Argonne National Labs believe this also.

The mechanism that allows potential wells to form does not have any theoretical limitation that would prevent more wells from forming. So if you can form one double potential well you should be able to create multiple wells, this is what a researcher in IEC's told me.