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Subject: Fusor IV
Date: Aug 23, 4:15 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 23, 4:15 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

I am about to start construction on Fusor IV. I am planning on a virtual carbon copy of the Original Hirsch/Meeks patent as possible. The unit is proven and reliable. It is not tough to make at all and should allow for a more mono-energetic and uniform ion source than the simple system we have been using.

It will be another 6" diameter SS system and not have any real innovations in it. I would expect it to take over 3-4 months to complete. (spare time after my real engineering job is all I have.) I have most of the hardware and fittings on hand.

The filament, I might extract or build up from from old vacuum tubes. I might decide to make up my own out of some tungsten wire I have on hand.

If anyone out there hears of a pair of 12" conflat rings (10" hole) for sale, cheap, I would be interested in them for fusor V (already gathering stuff up). Otherwise I will be out about $700.00 just for the two rings!!! That really stings.

I did see two different demo fusors (air only) this weekend at a Teslathon. Both were inspired by the Farnsworth biography and both worked great for what they were. One was built by a high school student in a glass emergency outside lamp cover for a bell jar About 4" in diameter and the other was a poly carbonate desicator fusor similar to Tom Ligon's and my own first effort. Both builders were really rev'd up over the "neat plasma effects." Neither noted a desire to go any further with the effort. The young fellow had his first place science fair certificate displayed proudly. In this day and age of 100% poster displays with software demos of never done experiments, his hands on, actually running, see it now project was a shoe in in his little burg!
He had indeed done a fine job at all ends of the effort including his writeup.

Sadly, he was aced out of the regional competition as he was a "vo-tech" student and far below the level of the rich kids in the snubbing order. So his and a couple of other good hands on, show and tell exhibits were ruled inadmissable for judging. (probably because it would have aced some already silver spooned intellectual out of his scholarship had these fascinating and animated exhibits won or even placed.)

It is real hard to interest folks in a poster display study on the relative effectiveness of various cat liters, when the guy next to you has a plasma reactor humming away on the table!

Richard Hull

P.S. The cat litter theme was a real "allowed" and judged exhibit at the regional finals where our young fellow was turned away. Sad times indeed.