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Subject: Re: Fusor uses for microwaves:
Date: Aug 23, 8:54 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Aug 23, 8:54 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>IIRC, plasma is resistive and radiates away energy,

Resistive is good :).

>unless magnetic fields are present (they usualy are)

And since this is an electromagnetic wave, they most certainly are.

>which result in effective capacitance across the field lines, which in turn will effect (decrease the cyclotron) resonant frequency, but also can add many more modes of vibrations (some modes increase frequency with increasing B-field). Look up Alven waves, et. Wish I could find the URL to an online book on the earth's magnetosphere and all of its modes.

Unfortunately, my plasma book is currently in the hands of my partner, and therefore not on hand. However, I do know what you are talking about. The question I am asking is how the presence of the plasma affects the resonance of the electromagnetic waves.