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Subject: Re: Toroids, anyone?
Date: Aug 24, 4:39 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 24, 4:39 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Good work and nice photos. Say hello to Kevin. He used to be one of our group's guys here in Richmond. Tell him to save up his dimes. I will have several TC gauges for sale when he comes to the Teslathon In October.

Regarding the toroidal plasma; I can see it as being an interesting avenue for research. Of course, one will have to evaluate where the ions are actually being created and see if they can fall from there through the full potential into the plasma. The plasma itself will not do fusion only colliding deuterons at fusion energy.

Regarding the idea posted on the Cylindrical fusor IEC device, I have in my possesion photos of the Farnsworth's team's experimental cylinderical fusor with sausage shaped inner grid. (circa 1965) They did not see a lot of hope in it, but then never hung in there on it either. I believe Joshua Resnick made a demo fusor of this basic design in a cylindrical chamber. I may be wrong here.

I am sure you guys will keep us informeed on this interesting effort.

Richard Hull