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Subject: Re: Toroids, anyone?
Date: Aug 24, 6:10 pm
Poster: Jones Beene

On Aug 24, 6:10 pm, Jones Beene wrote:

Richard wrote:
>Regarding the idea posted on the Cylindrical fusor IEC device, I have in my possesion photos of the Farnsworth's team's experimental cylinderical fusor with sausage shaped inner grid. (circa 1965) They did not see a lot of hope in it, but then never hung in there on it either. I believe Joshua Resnick made a demo fusor of this basic design in a cylindrical chamber. I may be wrong here.

They may also have been re-inventing Gow's "Cylindrical Magnetron" Fusion Reactor
ca. 1952-1953 at LBL (Lawrence Berkeley). I have heard that another major corporation, not ITT, spent a bundle doing the very same thing before uncovering Gow's patents. Sorry I don't have the patent numbers handy but I can find them later if you need them.

With a center axial wire electrode and an axial magnetic field, Gow was rumored to have obtained "lots" of neutrons with only about 2 kv! by making the deuterons circle the center
electrode. It could all be rumor, however, since it apparently went nowhere, despite having some big brains behind it.