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Subject: multigrid fusors
Date: Feb 13, 10:52 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 13, 10:52 am, Richard Hull wrote:


After a good deal of study, (yes I slowed down a bit to restudy a number of issues), I note that a three grid fusor assists in the production of monoenergetic ions for boosting outputs in the D-D reaction fusors.

This doesn't mean I am now a three grid man. I do plan to build a three grid system once I have more thoroughly investigated the simple two grid model. The three grid system demands electron guns be used and lower Deuterium pressures of ~ .1 microns (10^-4 mm). Thus, simple mechanical pumps are out and complicated had made guns are needed with the chamber being, ideally, a stainless steel sphere! (big bucks for lots of us)

Making a three grid system throws you into the high end of fusor work!

Actually the theory of how ionized gases behave dictates that a greater degree of control be applied to the accelerated ions. The three grid system really helps. The theory of these interactions is very complicated and a simple picture is impossible to form in the mind. For more info, those bitten hard by the idea of the fusor should read the classic text "Ionized Gases" by A. von Engel.

von Engel really gives a great treatment in that the math is there along with the insider's gotchas and numerous special case codiciles.

If one is honest with oneself after reading this text, and comprehends all that was said, the whole deal smacks of more black art than science. It is a science only if done in a rigidly controlled two or three tight parametered, sanitized, theoretical thought experiment, environment!! Electric and magnetic fields of varying intensity and form really skew the simple view.

More on this later.

Richard Hull