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Subject: Re: Resnick Jpeg URL
Date: Aug 25, 09:59 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Aug 25, 09:59 am, Richard Hull wrote:

You guys might want Joshua's more polished site at:


He went with a nice cylindrical chamber in his second iteration, but used a spherical grid. Nice site.

Some one asked if the Farnsworth folks fiddled with all of the proposed fusors contained in the 1970 Hirsch Meeks patent. The answer is yes, but they went with the spherical IEC in the end.

It is tough to beat a geometry which simply and naturally focuses all the energy into a tiny spot!
I avoid sausages and toroids and go for pin point delivery of the works!

Also, Those on this list wondering if Farnsworth worked around a number of magnet based scenarios can rest assumed that their efforts were purely electrostatic! No magnets were ever used in any experiment. They were not going to get hung up like the Tokomak folks. Farnsworth was purely an electrostatic guy. This doesn't mean we can't use them, however. I have used the NdFeB magnets in the demo fusors for plasma studies, but have no plans to use them unless to stimulate ion production at some future date. Corkscrewing "E" beams can churn up a lot of ions in a very small space.

In general, if you put beams in a mag field, it spirals them and this decelerates things, ALWAYS! This is why electrons never orbit the nucleus as in the simple bohr atom! They would radiate if they did...and they don't. The only solution to keeping things going under a mag field is to continuously pour in additional energy to avoid this braking effect. The cyclotron is a prime example. We obtain a long path by circling the wagons in a mag field while continuously pouring in more energy in each pass through the Dees.

Richard Hull