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Subject: Process Pipe Fusor
Date: Sep 02, 2:26 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Sep 02, 2:26 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

Those looking to do a cheapo demo fusor might want to look into the possibility of using glass process pipe as the vacuum vessel. It is made of thick - walled pyrex, and as far as I know, is available in sizes up to 6" diameter, with ends shaped to take an o-ring seal. Tees and crosses are available, as well as standard gaskets and clamps.
A clever Joe could blank off the ends with ss or aluminum plate and have a nifty vacuum chamber in no time. Where I went to school, the professors were always using this stuff in their labs for large diameter laser tubes and small vacuum chambers.
When I first heard about fusors, I thought of using this type of pipe for a vacuum chamber, but couldn't find any mention of it on the Web until I found that it was called "process pipe". The stuff is used a lot by the chemical industry and by food processing concerns.
I have since changed my mind on fusor construction, and am holding out for stainless steel, but this still looks like a nice vessel for a demo device. I would think a hunk of process pipe (especially used) would cost a whole lot less than the $500 that seems to be the asking price for a bell jar these days, not to mention the base plate.
Of course, the usual caveats about using glass for a fusor chamber apply, such as providing some sort of implosion protection and watching out for e-beam softening of the chamber wall....

Richard Hester