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Subject: Re: Off-Topic, but Quite Important
Date: Sep 06, 9:15 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Sep 06, 9:15 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>I just ran across this website, and I'm sure you >will find it quite significant. It is Joshua >Gulick's website. He has explained how to >create magnetic monopoles! No joke! It's >easy! I should have thought of it! You will be >amazed.

Hhahhahahha. I just went there. He said he took the info down because he was wrong. But the milk under his pyramid is still fresh after 5 days ;-) ROFL.

I discussed making a monopole magnet by wrapping magnetized rubber sheet around a sphere. Physics experts said it couldn't happen- Gauss law Div B=0. But I say the flux loops are unbroken, just compressed as the radius decreases.

I bought some magnetized sheet rubber but it was polarized wrong. Oh well. I realy would like to see a spherical shell magnet polarized along its radius. It would levitate, making an excellent gyroscope.