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Subject: Re: New neutron counter
Date: Sep 13, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 13, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Hmmm... OE Technologies didn't have anything of that nature? He seems to specialize in scintillators.
>Richard Hester

Oh no! The only place on the planet you will find the special fast neutron scintillator will be Bicron. The BC-720 is very, very special indeed.
The stock stuff of O.E. and others is equivalent to the Bicron BC-400 - Standard Gamma only detection. The BC-720 actually is rather gamma insensitive which is a real plus. I have made up about 4 complete gamma systems over the years using the BC-400 scintillators.

The only other interesting method of neut detection is using an old BF3 counter tube which is just not the way to go as thermalization is a must and this throws you further away from an already weak neutron source. (Most pros still use the BF3 tube system as it allows for limited neutron spectroscopy.)

Richard Hull