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Subject: Re: New neutron counter/advanced fuels
Date: Sep 14, 01:29 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Sep 14, 01:29 am, Richard Hester wrote:

Interesting... I checked out the Bicron web page
(www.bicron.com) about the BC-720. I hadn't thought of detecting proton recoil in a plastic scintillator - what a nice concept for fast neutron detection! Congratulations on your upcoming acquisition.
I'm thinking more of gamma detection at this point, as it would be nice eventually to detect aneutronic reactions. However, you do have the advantage with detectors like the BC-720 that if you see neutrons, you know you are fusing....

Has anyone heard of any researchers that have even tried to get any reactions (at all) using advanced fuels? Most of the sites that mention this seem to be researchers trolling for funds, like the reversed-field pinch people. I haven't heard of any working hardware so far. Even though the threshold is much higher for the advanced fuels than for D-D or D-T, maybe it will be the fusor people that first observe reactions on a small scale.

Richard Hester

>>Hmmm... OE Technologies didn't have anything of that nature? He seems to specialize in scintillators.
>>Richard Hester
>Oh no! The only place on the planet you will find the special fast neutron scintillator will be Bicron. The BC-720 is very, very special indeed.
>The stock stuff of O.E. and others is equivalent to the Bicron BC-400 - Standard Gamma only detection.
>Richard Hull