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Subject: Re: multigrid fusors
Date: Feb 16, 08:46 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Feb 16, 08:46 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Richard Hull,
>Sounds like you are really serious about fusion!
> I'm with you so far on the three grid grid system
>Now you are entering some serious stuff!
> Hope you have a good tight vacuum system, and keep fingerprints to a minimum!!!
> Do you intend to use Farnsworth's ion guns or
>do you intend to use your own designs??
> Please keep us informed on your every move!
> Good luck, Bob


As noted, I will build and thoroughly investigate the two grid system first. Mainly because it is simple and in talking with Robert Hirsch directly, I was most impressed with the neutron numbers (10^5) from a simple two grid, sealed off system working at only 15kv 15ma.

I am using the cold winter evenings to ready the neutron counting system.

The three grid system is a bit off on the horizon now. It may be fusor #5 for me. I am curently working on #3. I would plan on using guns of my own design, although I am waiting for discussion with Gene Meeks of the original team about an interesting gun design he has been mulling over. They became quite good at gun design in the 9 years of funded efforts.

Richard Hull