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Subject: Hamamatsu PMT's for sale
Date: Sep 14, 4:50 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 14, 4:50 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Stephen Coley was right, Hamamatsu is the plus ultra PMT of Nuclear detection and scintillation. I have only a few 2" ten stage Hamamatsu tubes remaining of the type I used in my neutron counter.

These are fine, used, and tested units. They are not just the tube either. These have integral dynode resitor strings, all prewired. They also contain a complete pre-amp assembly in the rear on a small round circuit board. All are attached to the tube and ready to use.

You will need three voltages..... Plus and Minus 15 volt dc supplies of very low current capability (~20ma)and a positive High voltage supply of 900 to 1000 volts dc at very low current (<1ma).

I include a full schematic of the preamp and dynode resistor string, (not that you will ever need one), and a hookup diagram of how to wire the supplies into the system to start counting pulses.

You will have to supply a scintillator and build a light tight case or box for the entire tube and scintillator assembly.

Scott Little in Texas picked up two of these from me recently and finished his neutron counter with one of them.

While they last.....$100.00 shipping is included in the United States.

Richard Hull