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Subject: Plasma Formulary
Date: Sep 17, 2:44 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 17, 2:44 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I have, for some time now, had a great NRL internal goody which was passed on to me by one of my local scince group's two NRL employees. This is the incredible NRL "Plasma Formulary". I have not noted it before as It was not generally available to the great unwashed masses or other DARPA outsiders. (it is a nice little pocket sized book of super stuff relating to plasmas.)

Well, you are in luck!! It is yours for free!! That's right, the good folks at the Naval Research Laboratory's plasma physics division have sensed its true value and placed it on the WWW in both PDF and Postcript formats. That means no more squinting at the micro text for these 53 year old eyes in the dog eared and yellowing pages. The Web version is in 8 1/2 X 11 full page format. It is a full 63 pages, so your printer will be grindin' away at it for a while. (make sure you have enough paper.)

Fully 90% the work is for the plasma annointed and physics elite and will zoom over the heads of most of us, but the tables and physical constant equivalences, the reactions, and other lookups are not to be missed by anyone who wants a little more "insider" dope.

Get your copy before the security folks pull it.

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Richard Hull