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Subject: Re: Plasma Formulary
Date: Sep 20, 08:58 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 20, 08:58 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>The plasma formulas and other information on the NRL website seems a bit complex for the garage fusor amateur researcher.
>It's cool stuff but a bit more on the professional side of the spectrum

I noted that 90% of the stuff was outa' sight. I have never in my life found just the stuff needed to do plasma work in one tome.... (Not even in plasma physics texts!) Then this one stop shopper came along. What's more it is madeup on site by "doers" at NRL. This is the stuff that is needed regularly while on the firing line. I had to sift through at least 8 references to pull this kind of stuff together in the past.

I use no more than 5 or 6 of the more useful formulae, but the lookups are just the ticket.

I stay clear of heavy math unless I need it. Sometimes it is a lifesaver.

Arm chair theorists rely totally on math to dream about things they can never make or touch. Basement bombers go by the seat of the pants, attempting to make things they will never understand. True experimenters realize that both are important. They often have to self-educate themselves in various facets of many disciplines. (something the bombers or the specialized theorists almost never do).

A good experimenter sifts through grain to get at the kernal. The art is in recognizing the chaff and bypassing it.

Whether it is doing good TIG welding, chosing the right carbide tool for milling, designing a fast response preamp for a PMT, or solving a few equations where you have to watch out for SI to MKS/CGS unit conversions, a good experimenter won't shirk his duty and responsibility to self-educate and seek the knowledge of those who have been there and done that.

Richard Hull