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Subject: Re: Triple grid IEC
Date: Sep 20, 6:17 pm
Poster: Hector

On Sep 20, 6:17 pm, Hector wrote:

Richard, I'm sorry I don't have the reference on the research at Tokyo. I'll just have to find it again on the website I found it the first time.
I did not think it was significant so I did not mark the page.

The reason I did not find it significant is that back in 1993 this scheme had been tried and found to improve confinement time and ion currents. I would have to speculate that the work in Tokyo is based on this previous research in the US.

The reference is (Barnes, D.C. and Nebel, R.A., " Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Experiments at Low Working Pressures," NTTR101, NambeTech Inc., Sante Fe, NM, 1993.)

As soon as i find the info on the effort at Tokyo I'll post it.