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Subject: Re: Diodes?
Date: Sep 22, 4:57 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Sep 22, 4:57 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>This 100kv diode really doesn't exist! Most all
>Going straight for the throat in a single pass rectification step, you would have to purchase and series string several microwave oven diodes.

All Electronics ( a surplus place in Van Nuys, CA (www.allelectronics.com) ) has 6kV, 200 mA diodes for $.50 each ($40/100). String 15 or 20 in series.

If they are all from the same lot, the reverse recovery characteristics should match fairly well (which is responsible for most failures in a string, when one diode turns off before the rest).

You will have to run them in oil ( a mess, but it works.. PVC pipe works well to hold it). I've had good luck potting them in electronic grade silicone up to 30 kV (haven't tried higher).

The other alternative is to find surplus Xray machine rectifiers, thermionic or otherwise.