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Subject: Excited but dissapointed, and a question
Date: Sep 26, 01:49 am
Poster: Matus

On Sep 26, 01:49 am, Matus wrote:

Coming to the realization the two days ago that one may be able to achieve fusion in a charged spherical container, pushing positive protons together in the center, I decided to jump on the net and figure out if it would work, and why it might not. Excited and ready to get to work saving the human energy problems, I came across this. Well, I was disappointed, what could I say, I mean, here I thought I had come up with this. Oh well, on the same token, I am excited that there are so many people out there interested in this. IT makes you feel kind of good when you come up with some on your own that might have worked as you suspected it would, even if someone else came up with it 50 years or so ago. But it still gave me a ego boost. Enough with boring anyone who bothered to read this with my experimental insecurities, I had a couple questions...

1) I keep reading all this about fusing duterium with duterium, or ducterium with tritium, what happens if one tries to fuse hydrogen 1 with hydrogen 1, attempting to form helium 2 (which obvioulsy does not exist since I can not find any mention of it in isotope listing) I posted this question on a different forum as well, in which someone responded that one of the protons will immediately decay post-fusing into a nuetron and a positron. Is this true? Any thoughts on this?

2) WHere can I find the fusor patents, the link appears to be bad?

3) Where can I find more information on "M. Theroux developed a special Tesla transformer which actuary projected small aerial plasmoids
... and could repeat the performance"

thank you everyone for you responses.


This Farnsworth was amazing eh?