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Subject: Collisions -Hopefully, the final word
Date: Sep 29, 10:43 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Sep 29, 10:43 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I have had a lot of queries out on the collisional cross section issue and where to compute same from on commonly available charts.

Tom Ligon, of the currently very active Bussard fusor effort, reports that how they are arriving at their cross sections is a bit proprietary. He advised me that we are to use the term of (4 Ek) for collisional cross section lookup. He aggreed to confirm one data point for me and that result agreed very closely with the common cross sectional table lookup for 25kev acceleratory potential on a fusor requiring a 100kev lookup point on the graph for a resultant 16 millibarn cross section with D-D headons.

This is in seeming violation of simple conversation of energy laws, but rest assured it is all relative to the observer. I have waffled on this for some time, flipping back and forth as each "authroity" has weighed in on the issue. I can see both arguments, but have had to finally settle on the above as these guys are active and busy at the profesional level, currently.

Richard Hull