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Subject: Re: Tesla Coil
Date: Sep 30, 09:06 am
Poster: Eugene Kopf

On Sep 30, 09:06 am, Eugene Kopf wrote:

>The Tesla coil is a good idea but there is little current to be had from such a system. The amount of fusion, once the fusion potential is achieved, is 100% a function of current and current alone! The TC is just a lousey current source.
> Also, the capacitive load of the Fusor is so high the entire system would have to include this as part of the tuning setup. (very touchy)
> Finally, the insulation in and out of a vacuum is set for about 20-40kv in even the most advanced amateur systems. Even a terribly constructed TC, in resonance, will far exceed this value for a peak and the insulation would be broken down.
>I am currently working with the idea of a pulsed power source constructed around a 5949 Hydrogen Thyratron which can have a highly controlled pulse of about 800 amps at 30kv injected at about a 500 hz rate. This should be much more fruitful than using a TC which would sort of "be all over th' place". Should you wish to try your idea, let us know how it goes.
>I have resisted the idea due to the cost and time of replacement of failed fusor insulators. Play with an insulating transition for high voltage from air to vacuum a bit and you will see what I mean.
>Richard Hull

Thanks for the info.

I will be playing with it. I have finally reached the point in life where I have a little spending money for projects like this. When I starting toying with these ideas, I could barely afford anything, let alone building equipment such as this (I delivered pizzas for a living while going to college).

Now the only catch is dealing with the wife, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for tinkering and therefore is relatively neutral about spending the money (grin).

Anyways, once I get the vaccum system completed, I'll post on my results.

Good luck on your recent work.