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Subject: Re: Tesla Coil
Date: Oct 04, 11:51 am
Poster: Eugene Kopf

On Oct 04, 11:51 am, Eugene Kopf wrote:

> Integrate these effects and you WILL have a Maxwellian distribution; it's precisely these sort of stochiastic distributions which are the fundaments of thermodynamics.
>>Unfortunately, any noticable fusion reaction in a plasma is going to shove itself to a Maxwellian distribution because of this.
>>That's not all bad. It allows relatively cool plasmas to undergo reactions because of the fact that the tail of the curve has sufficiently eneergetic reactions. It's not optimum, I'll agree, but few things in nature ever are.
>It is the past reliance on the hottest few ions in the maxwellian tail to do fusion which has kept fusion out of reach all along. As long as this mindset is in place, sustained and overunity fusion will forever remain a dream.

I appreciate your opinion Richard. However, with all due respect, could you please explain how the central reaction in the core of the fusor will *not* go to Maxwellian distribution, in light of the factors I have indicated? It is precisely because at the center of the fusor the particles are bumping into each other and exchanging energies that the probabilities turn themselves into a "bell curve."

I'm not saying that over unity fusion can't be done. As a matter of fact, it is precisely this scenario which occurs in the core of a star, only on a much larger scale. Stars clearly go over the unity factor.

It is also what happens in a hydrogen bomb. I don't think that any of us doubt that they occur as well. They run a hotter plamsa to compensate for the fact that there isn't a stellar volume.

The whole idea of a good fusor is to increase the area under the curve which can undergo the fusion. Get enough area and you go over unity. That's where increased fusor efficiency comes into play.

How to achieve this (IEC, magnetic, pinch, atomic explosion) is where inventiveness and creativity come to play.

I'm not saying that it can't be done. As a matter of fact, I claim that it CAN be done. We just need to figure out how.