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Subject: Re: Vacuum technology and costs
Date: Mar 26, 08:43 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Mar 26, 08:43 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>>I suggest you check for used semiconductor processing equipment. Most of it has the very best valves and gauges, but quickly becomes obsolete, and is sold for pennies on the dollar. I would also like to see you using oil-free vacuum pumps, as the oil type will backstream and contaminate your work.

I already use a molecular seive on the mechanical pump foreline (just good practice. When I do hook in the CVC oil diffusion pump, I have an LN2 trap which will be used. Local LN2 is only $2.00/ liter so it's not too bad.

Yeah, I know your would like to see me use an oil-less system! I would like to see me use an oil-less system! That means a turbo-molecular pump with controller and that means $3500.00 for the smallest model in used condition. New, the smallest alcatel units with controllers are $6800.00. I haven't seen any of these complete at hamfests or on the surplus "good deal" market!