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Subject: HV thyratron
Date: Oct 04, 3:48 pm
Poster: Jones Beene

On Oct 04, 3:48 pm, Jones Beene wrote:

Greeting fusorites,

In an earlier message Richard had mentioned his idea to use one of these bad boys to "really" power up a fusor (hydrogen thyratron @ 60 megawatts, give or take). Found this while perusing e-bay. Check it out:


It's now at ~ $70. Unfortunately, the aution closes tonight and I know so little about how to rig up one of these that I probably won't bid it up very far but if anybody else catches this in time, you might get the opportunity to irradiate yourself and the immediate household while at the same time bringing down the grid in your neighborhood - hey, better you than me ; -)


Hydrogen based Thyratron modulator for Laser, Radar, Particle Accelerator, TESLA coil...
Ceramic tubes made by EEV, model CX2607 comes mounted in aluminum chassis with bias
electronics (requires low voltage power supply)and water cooled . Second CX 2607 on
socketed mount with 50 ohm 100 watt H.V. resistor and triple stacked ferrox toroid noise
suppressor and high voltage cabling (1 meter long with banana plug connectors). Also
included is a 0.2 uFarad 30 kV pulse capacitor measure to spec. (F-C-I , KME14-300-200).

Sorry I don't have schematics or specs on bias electronics or CX2607 thyratron modulator.
Thyratron is believed to be bi-polar and capable of switching 40 kV @ at least 15,000 amps
but not confirmed....