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Subject: Re: HV thyratron
Date: Oct 04, 4:25 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 04, 4:25 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Greeting fusorites,
>In an earlier message Richard had mentioned his idea to use one of these bad boys to "really" power up a fusor (hydrogen thyratron @ 60 megawatts, give or take). Found this while perusing e-bay. Check it out:

This is a nice toy, if working. But there is no promise of functionality.

Only "excellent physical condition" - meaning it hasn't been run over by a bus.

"Believed to be bipolar", but not sure enough to state that emphatically.

"sold as is, but should work fine" is a way of "saying, sorry, I warned you".

I would imagine most folks are shooting for that pulse cap and plan on chucking the Thyratron or using it as a door stop!

Left unspoken here is a statement about the filament or if it is even good!!! A simple ohmeter would have allowed him to state FILAMENT is GOOD! However, silence is golden here.

Finally those who have fiddled with H2 thyratrons, like myself, can see the filament supply is usually 6.3 volts to 10 volts and this puppy will demand a transformer with about 50-100 amps of filament power! This would include the hydrogen reservoir supply.

Not a word on this however.

Good luck guys. I might even go for the pulse cap!

Richard Hull