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Subject: Re: Neutron Detection
Date: Oct 10, 5:38 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 10, 5:38 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>How about using a cloud chamber to discern neutron production from a Fusor?
>It may not offer a good measurement, but could a cloud chamber be used to at least verify neutron production? Could it be shielded?
>Scott Little details his very interesting cloud chamber here:

Scott's cloud chamber never counted or saw a single neutron. It saw only protons recoiling and this was because he used a thick piece of plastic interspersed between the fusor and the inside of the cloud chamber, mainly the chamber walls themselves. It was not a good counter as you have no idea what the efficiency of the device is without very critical calibration procedures and it would be really poor when figured out. It was used as a double confirmation of fast neutron production. He has the same neut counter set up I have, using the BC-720 scintillator. The cloud chamber was a qualitative proof of neutron production only.

Remember, you will never ever count or detect a neutron, just secondary non-neutron stuff stirred up by its passing or impact.

All so-called Neutron counters are really just proton counters, alpha ray counters, or gamma ray counters.

Richard Hull