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Subject: Re: Fusor Dynamics
Date: Oct 12, 00:59 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 12, 00:59 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I have not read much of Miley's stuff. Although I am exhorted to by Doc. Bussard and Tom Ligon. I prefer, right now, to replicate the work of Hirsch and Meeks as closely as possible. This is a good goal for fusor IV.

My pulsed thoughts came strictly from my great familiarity with Hyrdrogen thyratrons and gap switching stuff from actual work done here in the past. (water arc explosion work with Dr. Graneau, exploding wire investigations, Tesla magnifier work, etc.)

Now that my big high energy physics gathering is past, I have just got to completely revamp the lab which, inspite of being about 720 square feet, is a mess and packed with a lot of gear and equipment which is in duplicate, or no longer of much use. I sold off a lot of the better stuff at our large physics-mad scientist flea market here.

I have a lot of wiring and rework on old lab benches and installation of more new benches ahead. my personal lab infrastructure work and my normal 9-5 engineering job is killing me just now.

The fusor for me is a hobby and keeps old skills sharpened and pushes me to learn or acquire new ones. I have always been an amateur scientist with a penchant for Physics related projects and high energy ones in particular.

Richard Hull