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Subject: Re: Pulsing an IEC 1,2,3 BANG!!!! (neutron activation)
Date: Oct 13, 11:52 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Oct 13, 11:52 am, Jim Lux wrote:

>It is wise to consider neutron safety if you are going this route as our big bag of water bodies with not give a hoot in hell about the statistical niceties of bursts, just damaged tissue. fast neuts are about the highest RBE (Relative Biological Effectiveness) crap flyin' around so be wise and be safe.

Gotta be safer than dissolving fuel slugs in nitric acid in a bucket, though..??

I like all the news reports about how coins and jewelry at some distances (hundreds of meters) is now radioactive due to neutron activation. So much for the public geiger counter scans during the event (which WE all know don't detect neutrons)..