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Subject: Re: Pulsing an IEC 1,2,3 BANG!!!!
Date: Oct 13, 4:56 pm
Poster: Richarad Hull

On Oct 13, 4:56 pm, Richarad Hull wrote:

>Another paper of interest would be:
>"Pulsed IEC Neutron Generator" by Yibin Gu, George Miley, and Susan DelMedico, in an IEEE conference proceedings
>They describe an experimental setup using a 2 uF capacitor, charged through a 50 k resistor. The shunt resistor is 100-400K, and a discharge resistor of 550 Ohms is connected using a HY1102 thyratron, triggered by a SCR/cap circuit using an optocoupled circuit. Looks like they used battery power to heat the cathode, and ran the pulse current through the thyratron grid.

Yeah, it is often necessaary to place such pulse systems on isolated and insulated decks and battery power every thing from the pulse electronics to the fils! Obtaining fully isolated and insulated transformers and other electronics to withstand a 10-30kv lift are just not to be had or are far too expensive to use on a whimsical concept testing.

Remember, Ideally, we want the casing of the SS fusor body at a safe, clamped ground level. A hydrogen thyratron can be derated for longer pulse widths, using its peak joule capacity figure provided common sense is used and no other parameters for the device are violated.

That 550 ohm resistor should have hopefully been the dynamic impedance of the chamber as it otherwise would represent tremendous source of energy loss. Of course, if fusion or neuts were what you were after this wouldn't matter.

Richard Hull

Richard Hull