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Subject: Thanks, Richard!
Date: Oct 15, 6:06 pm
Poster: Jonathan Smick

On Oct 15, 6:06 pm, Jonathan Smick wrote:

Thank you for your advice, I appreciate your sharing of your experience with this and other topics with myself as well as everyone else on this board. That makes this board one of the real gems of the 'net, you know.
I kinda figgered the a/c pump would be NG, maybe I'll just use it for my N2 laser (which barely needs a "vacuum" in the strict sense of the word).
Welp, looks like I'll just have to "throw money at the problem" (if only I had the money to throw!)
I'll probably heed your advice and go w/hemis and big flanges unless I can come up with a more cost-effective solution having the same versatility (ie, access to inside, etc.) In that case, of course, I'll share it with all you good folks.
Thanks again.