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Subject: Re: Cooled Grids
Date: Oct 18, 10:08 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 18, 10:08 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>In any case, it isn't entirely out of the question.. particularly if you allow a higher temperature rise... say 500 degrees, which greatly reduces the flow velocity and pressure drop (to about 17 psi)...

Jim has done some calculatin'! Good man! The limit on temp I would think would be about 100 degrees C as flash steam would occur much above that point. Maybe even more pressure. Liquid Sodium might be nice! Gallium might be OK. (May have a severe wetting and surface tension problem) It would allow use right up to the melting point of the tubing with virtually zero increase in pressure. (gallium has one of the largest liquid ranges of all the elements.)

This thing could get quite exotic. If molten metals are used, they would have to be chosen to resist amalagation and erosion of the tubing caring the coolant.

Water would be ideal, but that flash steam problem might limit the viability.

Richard Hull