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Subject: Re: Pulsing an IEC 1,2,3 BANG!!!!
Date: Oct 20, 5:17 pm
Poster: Issac B.

On Oct 20, 5:17 pm, Issac B. wrote:

>I saw the entry on the board about Dr. Miley's >work on pulsing of IEC's. Miley's experiments on >pulsing are second to none.
>So, I would suggest getting a copy of this and >other papers that Dr. Miley has done on his IEC >research at UI because they will tell you >everything you need to do the pulse experiment >you want to do. They will raise the reaction >rate if done correctly so like all past IEC >amateur experiments I suggest we revisit the >safety issues once again to make sure no own >gets hurt should they try these new pulse method.

Nathan, I found a recent NASA article talking about advanced space propulsion, where they have pulsed an IEC fusor to record fusion levels. (use northernlight.com, a great search engine)

Have you seen this? It talks about SBIR funding specifical