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Subject: Re: Fusor Deuterium Consumption
Date: Oct 25, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Oct 25, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Thanks Robert and Richard this answers my question.
>So, that is how the Daimler portable neutron source can operate for so long without a recharge.
>Dam, could a power generating IEC in theory do the same thing?

Ideally, yes, actually no. Remember, that if you get an IEC to break even, You will still need some fraction of the total output power to operate the thing. Depending on the situation and efficiency this could be a gang 'o watts. Let us assume we have about as much additional energy out as we put in. For a 1 megawatt reactor that means we have to still throw in 500,000 watts!!

Sounds pretty bad doesn't it?

Do you know there are nobel prizes just waiting for the first person to do this rotten job!!!! It would be a stunning victory!

Needless to say, the D2 consumption at this level would be horrendous compared to even the most ravenous imaginable neutron source! You gotta' fuse and burn one H--- of a lotta' gaseus D2 to spit out 1 million watts on a continuous basis.

Beyond even the best break even is the Nirvanna of the self sustaining fusion reaction! (like fission reactors are doing every day across America!) Effectively, no power in once started!
We already have this at every nuke plant, it's just called fission.

That's zero watts in.... multimegawatts out. I wouldn't hold my breath for either of the above fusion biggies happening soon, if ever.

Richard Hull