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Subject: Sustaining the fusion
Date: Oct 26, 10:53 am
Poster: P. Zorzettig

On Oct 26, 10:53 am, P. Zorzettig wrote:


I read about a member of the Farnsworth
team, that they were trying to get
self-sustaining reaction by removing the
electrical power supply from the Fusor.
I'm not a physician, so perhaps this is
a stupid question, but I think that this
wasn't the correct way to get energy from
the Fusor.
Why not leaving the power supply
connected, and trying to get energy
directly from the heat developed in the
the fusion reaction?
Could be that using an actively cooled
grid, with pressurized water for example,
we could obtain energy in the form of
high pressure vapor, that is more than
the electrical energy used to sustain
the fusion?
I hope that the question is enough clear...