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Subject: pulse mode operation
Date: Oct 26, 2:17 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Oct 26, 2:17 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

Ok, I've been doing some thinking about running in pulse mode.

First: transit time in not a real issue -- the transit time from fusor edge to fusor center for a deuteron in a 500 kV, 150mm radius fusor is on the order of less than 40 ns. It takes heroic efforts to get pulses anything like that short.

Second: What kind of pulse voltage and current is Miley working on? I have not seen his paper on the subject, and would like a pointer to it.

Third: does anyone here have experience with rapid fire Marx generators? I want to build a setup with a Marx generator firing on order of 100 Hz, at about 300-400 J per pulse, with a peak voltage of approximately 600 kV. Could you also suggest a supplier of high voltage caps?