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Subject: Inner Grid
Date: Apr 18, 08:04 am
Poster: Robert Machler

On Apr 18, 08:04 am, Robert Machler wrote:

I have a question on the inner grid of the demo
fusor. Would a small gap of 1/16 or 1/8" in the
ends of the hoops cause any ill effects?? Reason
I asked was I intended to make all 5 of the great
circles the same radius and when placed over one
another the slight change of radius which will
occur when they cross each other will be taken up
by the gap.
The outer grid is now made, 7 3/4" dia. of
1/16 wire with 6 hoops.
Vacuum system seems to be ok now holding a 2 micron vacuum for 3 days after being valved off.
You mentioned something about ion cleaning your
bell jar with a large magnet, could you elaborate
on this sometime?
Also since my inner grid is going to be suspended by a 1/16" wire from the top of my
18" tall belljar, will there be a problem with
electrostatic attraction of the grids causing a
bending moment to be imparted on the suspention
Later, Bob