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Subject: Things coming together....
Date: Apr 18, 5:51 pm
Poster: Mark D. Hugo

On Apr 18, 5:51 pm, Mark D. Hugo wrote:

Dear All: Hello from a "newcomer". I would like to suggest that everyone reference the latest issue of Gene Mallove's "Infinite Energy", which has an extensive write up on "Nuclear Augmented Combustion". In essense, Dr. Mallove and one Harry Taplin claim that the combination of Lithium Stearate (10 to 50 PPM) to a standard combustion flame, plus a spark gap, or an external alpha source, initiates enough Li7 + H1 = 2He4 to add 15 to 25% to the normal "heat value" of the combustion. Evidence in terms of standard internal combustion engine performance and boiler performance are presented. I personally have been adding a small amount of lithium grease to my fuel for a '86 Lincoln Town car, 5 liter engine, for the last two months. I average 20 MPG overall, and on highway tests have been getting 25.5 mpg at 60 MPH, cruise control. (Minnesota is relatively flat, so the only concern is ambient wind conditions, and they usually are balanced on all trips.) There is some evidence that this reaction OCCURS IN THE SURFACE LAYERS OF METALS OF CONSTRUCTION of various combustion devices. I think that Farnsworth may have inadvertantly been going in this direction, particularily in the final '70's patent by his associate Hirsch. The Lithium grease trick can be tried by ANYONE cheaply. I would encourage anyone who keeps maticulous milage records for their vehicle to try it. I would warn, however, I have reason to believe it will NOT work on automobiles with Aluminum engines.